We exist to
design, supply & install
technology solutions
that work for you

Our business started out in 2001 as a service-only branch for customers in the Western Cape Region. Back then we offered assistance with audio visual only. We were called Audiotech and our “team” was one guy working from his garage. Since then we’ve grown a lot...

We partnered with significant national and global brands along the way and worked hard to develop our expertise in order to offer our partners more. We steadily extended our offering to include a wide range of other solutions.

We’re now able to offer you a complete suite of technology solutions including audio visual, digital signage, music and media content, safety and security as well as IT and networking solutions, and in 2018, we changed our name to represent our comprehensive offering.

We’ve now got offices in 4 major cities of South Africa. In early 2017, we crossed the Atlantic and set up our very first international distribution office in the USA.






years of experience

5 +


Our vision & mission —

We want you to choose us, your preferred provider of technology solutions.


We dedicate ourselves to the future of technology by designing solutions that are innovative, pioneering, simple and practical


Our mission is to ensure our expertise remain cutting-edge, current and relevant


We remain loyal and committed to our partners by collaborating to understand all aspects of a project, presenting fair and competitive pricing models and delivering the best possible service.


Our key performance indicators are: quality, quick turnaround times, flexibility, and availability.

Simple Management

We simplify project management for our partners by providing a single point of contact for a wide range of integrated technology solutions.


To stay focused and true to our commitment we developed the Pillars of Partnership: Design Excellence, Innovative Products, Superior Installation, Superior Client Service.

+10 years of business travel with trusted partners